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Indian Pacing Electrophysiol. J. 2005;5(4):325  Conference  Announcement

Virtual Symposium on Atrial Fibrillation in October 2005

(Republication from previous issue)
John Camm, MD, FRCP, FACC, FESC, 
Honorary President of the AF Virtual Symposium.

Dear Colleague,

             As many of you know, a Virtual Symposium on the Brugada Syndrome was held entirely on the Internet during the month of November 2002, and Dr. Pedro Brugada was the Honorary President of that Internet symposium. A similar excellent symposium on the long QT syndrome for which Arthur Moss was the Honorary President took place in 2004 and on ARVD where Frank Markus and Guy Fontaine were the Honorary Presidents last April.  These symposia reached thousands of cardiologists throughout the world. Dr. Charles Antzelevitch was one of several faculty members involved in the Brugada Symposium, and I quote the following from a letter he wrote at the conclusion of the Symposium to Drs. Sergio Dubner, Edgardo Schapachnik and Andres Perez Riera, the co-chairs of the Organizing Committee from Argentina and Brazil, who created and developed the Virtual Symposium:

            "Dear Andres, Sergio and Edgardo: As the virtual (Brugada) symposium draws to a close, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the three of you and your colleagues for undertaking this monumental task and executing it with such devotion and finesse. I suspect that our colleagues worldwide echo these sentiments. The symposium was a great success, serving to educate all of us about this intriguing sudden death syndrome. This will no doubt translate into better diagnosis, risk stratification and treatment of patients afflicted with this disease.                      

                                        Charles Antzelevitch, Ph.D."

            There were also many similar remarks and congratulations about the LQTS and ARVD syndrome virtual symposia as well, for example:

Dear friends,

            Congratulation for your outstanding achievement in making this fascinating symposium possible. I think that it will remain as a milestone in the field of dissemination of science and medicine. For me the most exciting is to learn that the discussion will continue during the coming year. Again, congratulations and warmest regards.
                Guy  Fontaine

            Dr. Sergio Dubner, a senior cardiologist from Argentina and Chair of the LQTS and ARVD Virtual Symposium Scientific Committee, has asked me to organize a Virtual Symposium on Atrial Fibrillation in October 2005, and to be its Honorary President. The Symposium will consist of a series of AFS slides and case presentations on the web with the opportunity for physicians to ask questions via e-mail. The responses will go back to the Organizing Committee who will then post the questions and answers on the web site. I personally feel this is an outstanding opportunity to provide international physicians a special education in atrial fibrillation. The program will have the participation of 70 faculty members, all of whom are distinguished international specialists in the topic. The purpose of this message is to invite you to participate in, and register for, the event. I would appreciate it if you could extend on my behalf this invitation to all your colleagues in your Department, Division, School, and even any local professional society.  It would also be helpful if you could arrange for you national society to place a notice on their web site -- we will supply such a notice if you feel able to do this.  This is an educational method that really works and I do encourage you to take advantage of it. The registration is totally free of charge, thanks to an ISHNE policy.  All you and your colleagues have to do is to register in the web-site of our society;, in the banner of the AF Symposium or in htpp://    ----> REGISTRATION. Since this Symposium is included within the educational activities of the ISHNE society, we would like you to take advantage of this invitation. This invitation includes free-of-charge a 6-months subscription, as of June 1, 2005, to the on-line version of the ANNALS OF NONINVASIVE ELECTROCARDIOLOGY, our official journal that is indexed in the Index Medicus. For the above reasons, I would be grateful if you could distribute this invitation by e-mail to the members of your society. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you. I hope you will be able to join me in this innovative 21st century approach to net-based cardiology education. Please let me know by return e-mail if you will be able to do this. I look forward to your participation.


Honorary President of the AF Virtual Symposium.

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