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Indian Pacing Electrophysiol. J. 2005;5(1):71   Conference Announcement

First International Symposium on Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia on Internet:  April, 1st to 15th  2005

ARVD Symposium Scientific Committee

    The Symposium will consist of a series of lectures on the web. The program will have the participation of several faculty members, the most distinguished international specialists in the topic. The registration is totally free of charge. All you have to do is to register at:

 01. Historical Perspective
 02. Genetic Background of ARVD
 03. Clinical Manifestation
 04. Task Force Criteria
 05. Ventricular tachyarrhythmias
 06. Role of EP testing
 07. Differential diagnosis with RVOT
 08. ECG findings
 09. Echo findings
 10. RV Angio
 11. Biopsy findings
 12. Autopsy findings
 13. MRI
 14. CARTO Mapping
 15. Risk Stratification
 16. Naxos Disease
 17. How to manage family members
 18. ARVD vs. other cardiomyopathies - common pathway
 19. Genotype-Phenotype Associations
 20. Therapy in ARVD
 21. ICD in ARVD
 22. European Registry
 23. North American Registry
 24. Signal averaged ECG
 25. Viral hypothesis
 26. ARVD as paradigm for studying cardiomyopathies
 27. Relation of ARVD with the Brugada syndrome
 28. Sports Activities and ARVD
 29. Japanese experience with ARVD
 30. Progression of ARVD
 31. Overall talk on ARVD preceding Symposium
 32. Etiology of ARVD
 33. Diagnosing ARVD
 34. Management of ARVD Patients

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