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Indian Pacing Electrophysiol. J. 2002;2(2):62

Conference Announcement


ICPES World Congress 2003

Chu-Pak Lau.
Secretary General, XII World Congress on Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology

Address for correspondence: Conference Secretariat Email

        The XII World Congress on Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology is co-organised by the International Cardiac Pacing & Electrophysiology Society (ICPES) and the Hong Kong College of Cardiology (HKCC). It will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on February 19-22, 2003.

        The World Congress has been organized in various countries, including USA, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Austria, Israel, Argentina and Germany. The coming Congress is going to be held in the centre of Asia where East meets West – Hong Kong, which is now a Special Administrative Region of China since 1997. Hong Kong continues to enjoy a high degree of autonomy, and has remained an important center of finance, information technology, tourism, trade and exchange in Asia. In addition, it enjoys increasing interaction with the rapidly developing Mainland China.

        Developed with the assistance of a broadly represented International Scientific Advisory Committee, the scientific programme will feature 11 major topics - “Electrophysiology”, “Catheter Ablation”, “Pacing”, “Defibrillation”, “Pharmacology”, “Hybrid Therapy”, “Pediatric Arrhythmias”, “Arrhythmias for Allied Professionals”, “Genetics & Gene Therapy”, “ECG, Noninvasive Evaluation & Risk Stratification” and “Implantable Monitoring Devices”. It includes Plenary Sessions, Core Sessions, Expert Sessions, Featured Symposia, Live Demonstration, Teaching Courses, Abstract Presentations and Poster Sessions.

        Apart from the scientific sessions the Congress also offers satellite symposia and exhibitions for the industry to demonstrate their latest products and innovations.

        The details on scientific program, advance registration and abstract forms are now available in our website Abstract submission deadline is September 14, 2002. For enquires, please contact the Conference Secretariat by email to or by fax to 852 2735 8282.

        Apart from the scientific sessions, we have also developed an exciting social program that takes you and your companions, not only to visit the City of Life, but also explore the neighborhood Macau & cities of China. You will discover a broad diversify of interests, both modern and traditional, together with plenty of regional and international exchange opportunities. Come join us in 2003!

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